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For years I have harboured the dream that messages for North were being sent directly to me through the words of Dave Carter.

Having new music by him is more than I ever would have hoped for. Finding there was another message moment was beyond that. I know some of you will know.

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Oct. 31st, 2011 11:58 pm
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I wrote this ages ago and never really showed it. It had some beta, but strangely, the people who looked at it were completely at odds over what wasn't working for them, so I never made a decision about reworking it.

I have been trying to corral my work lately (since I moved to my new powerbook) and found it in the files - and found that I rather like it as it is (probably because it's such a personal story) So, I decided to let it fly a little -

It is for my *invisible* OC North, (who I try to show only by her absence in my gen fic, but who a few of you know ) and so it does take place in Arda - there is some geography/history and the idea of the unhoused spirits that refused to go west - but it might read better if you don't think of that being true. I don't know. I like its tone, and this is the time of year to try it----

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Today, In my arc of Middle-earth, Emyn Arnen celebrates
"The Day The Captain Did Not Die."
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Jim and I are cataloging our new dvd acquisitions into our delicious library, and he was looking for cover art for some of the more obscure (zone 4) stuff, (mrkinch! He just found trouble on the terraces on dvd at amazon uk - typical, neh?) and suddenly this cover for a movie we don't own appeared on my desk .....

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Apparently my muse refuses to let me write for the "fireside" challenge unless I write for her first.

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I was looking for the old post I had made about the smell of my muses, and I could not resist poking the haiku generator.... hmmmm now who could this message be for?

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:fileg
Your haiku:elf in my brain so
i took a peek - i'm glad i
encountered it
Created by Grahame


I quite liked Flight Plan - though more Bean would not have come amiss. Jim liked the credits at the end best (it's an engineer thing) and only briefly broke in to tell me what was wrong with the plane design.

He's quite famous in the family for those moments. (My favorite being in Romancing The Stone, when they fall through the jungle into the plane - and everyone in the theater gasps or squeals - and Jim exclaims: "Good lord, a DC-3!")

a single flight plan thought that might be spoiler-ish )
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You are an Elf! Analytical and philosophical, you
exemplify the traits of the elves. You tend to
be a bit withdrawn when not around people who
have your own mind set, but you can take the
lead if need be. Generally you aren't too
welcome of people outside your group until you
get to know them.

What would you be in The Lord of the Rings?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah, it's a fair cop..... but not *that* elf
quiet down, North, I'll change the pisture as soon as I can....

ok, picture changed to shut up my cranky alter ego...
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OK, you guys, I have put up with character assassination, hair colour changes, you name it -- but this!

I have had this pic on my desk top on and off since it became available - tonight I got a copy I could carefully enlarge - ok, now I can actually see the arrows.

What do I find?

After all these years of careful dancing around in my *private* arc about how to get North close to him with his injury --- they have shot him in the other shoulder!! (veg)


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