Mar. 24th, 2012 06:48 pm
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I wrote this for the prompt "Blade" at [profile] tolkien_weekly, but you will not find it there, because in spite of being cut back twice, I could not get it to 100 words - it stands firm here at 200, which was the best I could do. And it doesn't trespass canon, but it is quite visibly fileg-verse.

Well, at least I'm in time for Victory over Sauron day tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are....)

Blade )
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Sergeant Hathaway, what are you doing on Foyle's War!
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I have 2 things I've been working on, both missing their dates now. One for Boromir which I wanted for the terrible day in February; and one for today, when Faramir is carried off the field, back to Minas Tirith and the father who does not deserve him. (But Gondor, Faramir assures me, does deserve a champion, so I try to share him...)

Maybe writing this much down will prod me to work tomorrow. But I cannot let the day pass.

I also read the drabble prompts last night, as I would like to catch up. Blade, eh? I think I may have already emptied my soul for that word, but we'll see.....
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an annual reprint - [this year precipitated by zynga]:

The Defining characteristic of the SHAMROCK is that it has THREE Leaves. THREE. It is a symbol of the TRINITY. (The Catholics don't have a monopoly on that concept, I hasten to point out. Triads loom large in the celtic brain. See my drabbles if you need confirmation *G*)

A Shamrock does NOT have four leaves, and isn't about luck.

The phrase "the luck of the Irish" may have confused you. You can wear a lucky clover if you wish. But it isn't a shamrock.

Most especially - Please don't tell me it doesn't matter/it's the same thing. It is the symbol of my people, and it has THREE leaves. People died for the right to wear it.

You would not, for instance, stick an oak leaf (powerful and lovely an image as it is) on the Canadian flag -- because That's Not Where It Goes.

Thanks for listening.
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Happy Birthday Aragorn
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The guy on the news just told us that tomorrow it will be between 40 and 70.

Jim to the tv: yeah, me tooo.....


Feb. 17th, 2012 02:54 am
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In conversation with [profile] notarysojac I referred to a gentleman's "parcel" instead of package.

Jim, who has never read a Harry Potter, immediately made the leap to "parcel tongue."
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For years I have harboured the dream that messages for North were being sent directly to me through the words of Dave Carter.

Having new music by him is more than I ever would have hoped for. Finding there was another message moment was beyond that. I know some of you will know.

lyrics to Amazon by Dave Carter )
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I was looking for some pictures in my file and encountered this picture of my Tolkien buttons. I though I had posted them years ago, but I couldn't find anything with a matching date.

I bought them in one of those little triangle shaped newspaper stores we used to have. I think it was 1965, but may have been a little later.

dog show

Feb. 14th, 2012 02:09 am
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Everybody talks about the commercials for the superbowl -- I don't watch that (I live with one of the few men in the country who doesn't watch any sports, except when I have sumo or shark tagging on)

But, right now we are watching the 136th Dog Show, and I am laughing and crying over the dog ads. OMG!

plus -- Corgis and Shibas!!

I have never owed a dog but I do have a dog story. My dad and his brother had a dachshund named Beanie when they were young. They used to take him for a walk, and walk down to mainstreet to the pub, and send the bean home alone in a taxi. All the drivers knew where he lived.
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When I wake up, I generally have some weird thought floating around in my head to let me know my brain has been somewhere without me. Frequently it's a song, or 2 songs and it sometimes takes me days to figure out how they go together (Bill Miller and Jimmie Dale Gilmore - took me three days to figure out Cowboys and Indians!)

Sometimes it's a question I didn't know I wanted the answer to.

Today I woke up wondering if Sherlock Holmes has a favorite dessert, and if it's a Napoleon of crime. Now I am wondering about who else might go on the list....
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I'm not sure what's going on, but for a moment I thought someone upstairs was clog-dancing the instrumental riff from the theme from Shaft
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Received an email from waterbug music that made my day:

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - "Little Blue Egg." On Red House Records

Tracy Grammer discovered the tracks for Little Blue Egg during an archiving project in the summer of 2010, a full eight years after Carter's death. Rescuing the original ADAT tapes from a moldy basement where they were stored, she discovered the tapes in pristine condition. As she digitized the tapes in real-time, Tracy pored over old studio notes about the recordings. "Tears flowed, I laughed out loud, memories flooded back," Grammer remembers. "It felt like a miracle to hear Dave's voice -- and our voices, together -- singing old songs that sounded new again, along with others I had forgotten about entirely." With several of these tracks made as rough demos, Dave Carter sings "like nobody's watchin'," his most emotionally unfettered recorded work. Dave and Tracy. Something good.

sound samples, orders at waterbug and at amazon

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We discovered in the article 15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in February that today is Ice Cream for breakfast day.

We needed a new holiday, and that sounded like a good one to me, so

I woke up to find that Jim [profile] notarysojac had gone out for ice cream before I woke up. Here's our version - flax waffles, sugar free ice cream (with DaVinci sugar free caramel syrup) and iced coffee. Mmmmm.

A good holiday, and a terrific husband.
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CBS is starting to make its drama pilot pickups, handing orders to legal-themed drama "Baby Big Shot" and a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes......

"Elementary," from CBS TV Studios, finds the famed detective now living in New York City. Robert Doherty penned the pilot and exec produces with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.


article here


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