Feb. 14th, 2012

dog show

Feb. 14th, 2012 02:09 am
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Everybody talks about the commercials for the superbowl -- I don't watch that (I live with one of the few men in the country who doesn't watch any sports, except when I have sumo or shark tagging on)

But, right now we are watching the 136th Dog Show, and I am laughing and crying over the dog ads. OMG!

plus -- Corgis and Shibas!!

I have never owed a dog but I do have a dog story. My dad and his brother had a dachshund named Beanie when they were young. They used to take him for a walk, and walk down to mainstreet to the pub, and send the bean home alone in a taxi. All the drivers knew where he lived.
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I was looking for some pictures in my file and encountered this picture of my Tolkien buttons. I though I had posted them years ago, but I couldn't find anything with a matching date.

I bought them in one of those little triangle shaped newspaper stores we used to have. I think it was 1965, but may have been a little later.
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For years I have harboured the dream that messages for North were being sent directly to me through the words of Dave Carter.

Having new music by him is more than I ever would have hoped for. Finding there was another message moment was beyond that. I know some of you will know.

lyrics to Amazon by Dave Carter )


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