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It's said that you learn something new every day. What did you learn today?

While watching a rerun of law and order svu, I learned from detective Fin Tutuola that if a suspect has left behind a urine sample in a bottle, you can't get dna from the urine -- but you might get skin cells from the inside neck of the bottle, because "sometimes it's a pretty tight fit......"


Also, the other night talking in bed with Jim, I learned that the Sandman really loves cats, and he used to take them with him when he traveled around to sprinkle the sand.

Then he figured out what they were doing to the sand......
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Writer's Block: Happy New Year of the Dragon! What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
Year of the Water Dragon - which it now is again! Married to a metal monkey.
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Writer's Block: Dress up your Pet Day

these won't be new to my regular friends list, but ---

ginger the psychic fig (dwarf siberian hamster)

Spoo as the Spanish Infanta (Blackadder version)
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Writer's Block: Merry Christmas
what is the best present you received this year?

We don't exchange gifts here until New Years, so until then --

so far this year, the best gift I got was Sherlock on the BBC
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Writer's Block: Santa Claus is coming to town
At what age did you stop believing in Santa?

Never stop. Just don't do it.
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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays
Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why?

Lucia Day; Yule; Solstice; Sol Invictus; cold moon; Christmas eve; Christmas; Hogswatch, The Feast of Frith, New Years Eve; Hogmanay and Mummers Day (technically January) formally.

Sometimes others as needed. Sometimes I need them a lot.
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Writer's Block: Tearjerkers
Which movie always makes you cry?

I cry when it's happy, I cry when it's sad, I cry if I find it beautiful.....
My mother used to say I had "the Irish disease - born with your bladder in your eye."

I cry all through Lord of the Rings, which you probably could already guess.

What's interesting is that my husband is also quite unapologetic about this. "It made me damp," he says, and hands me a tissue.

Most recently, we "damped" our way through the anime Usagi Drop, both of us moved by every episode. (I just teared up writing this...)
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Writer's Block: Starstruck
Have you ever met anyone famous?

I guess that depends on your idea of famous. I used to work with a concert production group, so if Folk/singer-songwriter music is your thing, I have met quite a few. And been lucky enough to stay in touch with a handful of them.
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The last thing I bought was a box of green tea meltykiss for Jim. ([ profile] notarysojac) They arrived today.

But sometime tonight I will probably start sorting Yule lists and making plans
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Writer's Block: The happiest movies on earth
What is your favorite Disney movie?

I like Disney movies, though they are almost never my favorite version of a story. So, original is better than folklore or fairytale for me. Fantasia was always my favorite as a kid (though even then I could not understand why they felt they had to tag the ave onto the end of Night on Bald Mountain)

Belle is my favorite Disney princess - because she falls in love with Adam when she doesn't know he's beautiful, and because he woos her with his library. That's my idea of romance. If it had been around when I was a kid, it might have become my favorite.
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George Washington and John Adams. For both of them, I am including things they did while not president.

Impact on me, personally? I'll go with John Adams and Jimmy Carter.

I have to add that it's harder to remember the impact of an incident that was averted -- but I believe that if Nixon had been president during the Bay of Pigs, I would not be typing to you now. What a scary time. So, thank you, JFK.
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the HUGE one is that if I had not married my crazy first husband, I never would have met the man I have now been with for 34 years
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Not this years, but my favorite-- the eye of Sauron in the aluminum foil eyecup of Barad dur

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One? You guys always make me laugh!

Artemis and Endymion
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Seven Swans
The Children of Llyr
East of the Sun and West of the Moon
The Snow Queen

Happily Ever After! I can tell you guys weren't reading the originals...
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I'm having trouble remembering movies of the '80's. And most of what I love from that era tends to be things that don't lend themselves to this kind of question. (Like Wings of Desire)

I may change my answer when my memory kicks in, but off the top of my head, I would say William Hurt, Raul Julia, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow, Roy Scheider since I can remember seeing more than one movie with each of them.
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Jim and I met in 1977, so.....
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I have no belief in secrets on the internet...

"Never say anything on the phone that you wouldn't want your mother to hear at your trial."
-- Sydney Biddle Barrows
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I don't believe I have ever eaten a vegetarian....
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That would be Jim, and the answer is 34 years. My best female friend is my heartsister Chris, and that would be 31 years. I also stay in touch with my childhood best friend, but we don't live close to each other these days - and that would be 48 years.
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Why I am still playing Farmville when I hate Zynga, I have always hated facebook, and now I am starting to hate the game as well...


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