Dec. 29th, 2005 04:11 pm
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When Totoro's attack:
I am in love with ([ profile] notarysojac) Jim's new icon

aslo, he just posted a pic of our retro yule tree in front of the Gondorian swords -- well, if the white tree can make a comeback, I guess ours has some hope. It does make one wonder if Aragorn and boromir have ducked into a gin mill to see the rat pack....

well, I guess that really sums us up pretty well.
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I was looking for the old post I had made about the smell of my muses, and I could not resist poking the haiku generator.... hmmmm now who could this message be for?

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:fileg
Your haiku:elf in my brain so
i took a peek - i'm glad i
encountered it
Created by Grahame


I quite liked Flight Plan - though more Bean would not have come amiss. Jim liked the credits at the end best (it's an engineer thing) and only briefly broke in to tell me what was wrong with the plane design.

He's quite famous in the family for those moments. (My favorite being in Romancing The Stone, when they fall through the jungle into the plane - and everyone in the theater gasps or squeals - and Jim exclaims: "Good lord, a DC-3!")

a single flight plan thought that might be spoiler-ish )
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it started out innocently enough. I'm not even sure where it escaped from us....

I was checking the html links on a website-- that click, followed by the two finger key return. About 600 times in, I got a weird cramp in the top surface of my -return- hand, and I complained to jim ([ profile] notarysojac). He was happy to tell me that there are no muscles in the back of the hand, just tendons. I said I was inventing some anti-form of carpal tunnel, which he promptly dubbed "Carpal Bridge" syndrome.

He flexed my hand a couple of times, while I chanted "tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge" which led to me declaring that I was suffering from Chesapeake Bay Syndrome. (I suppose that will only make sense if you've ever been over that enormous tunnel/bridge combo)

I was fine up to that point, but then he said something I didn't catch, but which led to the following illustrated (by jim) theory of underwear in Arda:

cut for those of you who don't want to see my husband's questionable underwear choices )

Sumo Santa

Dec. 29th, 2003 02:18 pm
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So, one day I am in the store laughing at Christmas Ornaments that don't have any least resemblance to Christmas to me - in particular, sports ornaments. I hold up football santa, basketball santa... and I say to Jim - what are the odds on me *ever* finding a sports santa that speaks to my interests?

So, JIm decided to make me one. He is sculpted in the style of a netsuke. The bear came later, but they are inseparable now:

Sumo Santa )
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The Emperor

Descent of the soul into matter. He is the ruler and master of the material plane. His will is law. He introduces rules and order and is the first to reveal to the soul on its journey the need for law and structure. He reveals the necessity of order and guidelines and balances the abundance of the Empress. He reigns-in chaos and teaches control.

Leadership, Authority, Self-Mastery, Government.

establishing a family line, setting direction and tone, emphasizing structure, being systematic. providing shape and form, being organized, sticking to a plan

exerting control, representing the establishment, regulating

Photo by Annaliese Moyer of nesting Rebus dolls Jim and I made for her husband Lee. Based on the character in Doom Patrol.


Dec. 22nd, 2003 06:33 am
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Wishing you all as many happy holidays as you care to celebrate

Our Solstice Lightbringer Card, 2003

With love from Fileg and Notary Sojac

(or powzie and shunt, or jim and tay, or whoever you happen to think we are...)
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Two of Cups

Love, Partnership, a spiritual union- (Soulmates, Anam Cara)
traditionally romantic, but can be any partnership based on deep mutual understanding. Cooperation and friendship as well as the harmonious union of masculine and feminine. Friendship, affinity, concord

making a connection, joining with another, celebrating union, working together, sharing

calling a truce, healing a severed relationship, declaring peace, forgiving and forgetting

acknowledging an attraction, recognizing a bond, letting yourself be drawn in

OK, this is not so very *found* since Jim drew it for me - it was our Solstice card for 1986. Mr and Mrs Claus seem to have a pretty good handle on expressing endurance without loosing child-like delight.

I spent tonight working with Jim on finalizing this years card, so I know I owe feedback and comments to many of you, and I hope to catch up tomorrow.
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Had dinner with Chris - it is, infamously, Pea-Soup Thursday in our favorite local in the land of diners, and I came home with a plan and my Trilogy Tuesday (actual physical) Ticket. I am wavering between jumping up and down with excitement and wondering if my back and legs are up to this excursion, wondering how the hell I am going to sneak low-carb, really high-protein food bars into the theater, jumping up and down some more, considering depends and wheelchairs, moments of moaning and squeeing, checking my pulse and jumping up and down some more.

I spent part of my day trying to find a particular piece of art-doggerel that I wanted to send to cruisedirector for her birthday. No such luck - but I have emailed you a few other long lost finds.

In the finds was this horrifying photo, which I share here to amuse Robin.

Does this bring back memories of an all night print shop? Hotel rug Hopscotch?

After staying awake for *way* too many hours, one of us decided that Jabba the Hut looked like a blues man. Someone tracked down this *action* figure, and Jim carved the harmonica from a pink gum eraser. When you moved his tail, the harmonica went back and forth...

People came into the print shop all night to play with it. Can you believe how easily we are amused?
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Jim has signed on with a live journal now, and you can find him here.

He told me he doesn't know if he wants to post, but he does want to fool around with making animated icons. Ha!

He writes, he paints, he sculpts and now he wants an excuse to make animated icons on his new G5. Have I mentioned he's the best? He made this and left it on my desk today - it's a song he used to sing while Powzie sat in the window thinking what cats think. But now, I am fileg... well...

Now I need to find a good appropriate Faramir pic to sub in...


Nov. 19th, 2003 07:22 am
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It occurs to me that I have never displayed Jim's sense of humor properly here - here is a link to his Dilbert take-off comic strip, Cubicles of Valinor...


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