Nov. 26th, 2011 08:48 pm
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I've never seem him wearing glasses that weren't for a role....

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I suppose these might have been everywhere, but I hadn't seen them before

There is a Website for the short film Glenn Owen Dodds that David is in (as god...)

I'm only posting one pic, since I am headed for bed now but there is a gallery at the site, and a trailer. )
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Doesn't he look rumpled....

300 pics

Jan. 6th, 2007 11:31 pm
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I had a lovely sort of sense memory on the hall before - the whirring of the fan, the smell of summer night coming through the window. Too bad it's january, eh? I had to turn on my airconditioner to get a few hours sleep this morning. And I have never felt so bad for the mummers.....

I just grabbed a few screencaps from video trailer 9 for The 300. David gets some face time in the interview *G* and you can hear some of his narration in the latest version of the trailer. (wow, love the sailing axe shot...)

more )
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dust be diamonds, water be wine
happy happy happy all the time
-- Incredible String Band

two wildly different takes on having a good day that have been amusing me no end:

Folgers Happy Morning:
the site says
"Steve Ayson's latest for Folgers. We're as speechless as you are."
Freaky, Deaky, Creepy - I nearly wet myself every time I see it.

Brand New Day
The Alex Lloyd music video with David Wenham
makes me happy when I watch it, so I'm sharing it with you
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Jim and I have a special wail that goes up when we are sitting here in the living room and the UPS truck pulls up right in front of the door - and doesn't bring us anything. (it doesn't matter if we are waiting for anything or not - it's just *wrong* on principle.)

To make up for that, everything that was delivered today came on a separate truck. *G*

The first package has a small pile of anime music cds that I ordered from one of my favorite ebay sellers - I had a half hearted idea that these would be put away for Jim's birthday, because they usually take several weeks to arrive. But, this time they came in only a few days, and I could not put them away for that long. He is happily sitting at the other end of the couch, logging them in to the Delicious Library.

The second package was a pile of doujinshi I had on order, and I have already cataloged them in. *g* A few very amusing drawings to me - because I could recognize right away the Viggo photos that were used as reference.

And the third package was from [ profile] avon7, and has the tapes of Answered By Fire which I am hoping to convert right away, and a terrific article with pictures -

article here and here, and photo links to two *big* scans. Giant hugs, I am dying to see this.

300, David

Mar. 31st, 2006 04:33 am
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there are 4 video journals for 300 up now, with David performing in the 4th ...

more pics of David )
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There's an short article here about Alex Lloyd's new music video, which mentions David (who is in the video) as an Australian Film Legend and "Australian film royalty." G*

more pictures )
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David will be playing Vincent Van Gogh at the Adelaide Bank Festival of the Arts this weekend. Anyone on that side of the world seen any press photos?

Article here

and here, if the link is down )
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first looks starting to be available for 300. Recognize that nose on the right?

bigger here and here
the official movie site is finally coming on line here
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three from the Proposition trailer

I am: restless
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The new issue of Empire AU reviews Stiff, The Brush-Off and Three Dollars in their DVD review section.

Not glowing reviews (except for The Brush Off), but here they are. (I quite disagree with the assessment of Stiff, btw. I think it does an admirable job of setting up characters we were hoping to see through seven movies - a job following films are not burdened with.)

Stiff/The Brush Off

Three Dollars

Although I can't find a listing to pre-order Three Dollars from ezy or elsewhere, the street release date seems to be September 28th.
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Thanks (and *hugs*) to the always amazing [ profile] avon7 who sent me a big packet of articles with pics. It was the first step in wanting to have both eyes open again (though I am about ready to remove the sinus that puts pressure on my left eye with a spork)

because of this package, I have two great articles with large pics to share, and in the next post some gorgeous shots of Hugo.
Then if you can stand it, I'll post the last 7 weeks of icon work. (thank goodness for those little bites of graphics, or I would have gone stir crazy)

pic 1pic 2pic 3pic 4

article 1article 2article 3

pic 1pic 2pic 3

article 1article 2article 3


Feb. 3rd, 2005 12:52 am
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2 pictures I hadn't seen before....

the sock pic reminds me of when my Sims suddenly decide to entertain a friend with a puppet that they take from some concealed point on their body that Jim and I are still debating...


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