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Sergeant Hathaway, what are you doing on Foyle's War!

dog show

Feb. 14th, 2012 02:09 am
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Everybody talks about the commercials for the superbowl -- I don't watch that (I live with one of the few men in the country who doesn't watch any sports, except when I have sumo or shark tagging on)

But, right now we are watching the 136th Dog Show, and I am laughing and crying over the dog ads. OMG!

plus -- Corgis and Shibas!!

I have never owed a dog but I do have a dog story. My dad and his brother had a dachshund named Beanie when they were young. They used to take him for a walk, and walk down to mainstreet to the pub, and send the bean home alone in a taxi. All the drivers knew where he lived.
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CBS is starting to make its drama pilot pickups, handing orders to legal-themed drama "Baby Big Shot" and a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes......

"Elementary," from CBS TV Studios, finds the famed detective now living in New York City. Robert Doherty penned the pilot and exec produces with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.


article here
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It's said that you learn something new every day. What did you learn today?

While watching a rerun of law and order svu, I learned from detective Fin Tutuola that if a suspect has left behind a urine sample in a bottle, you can't get dna from the urine -- but you might get skin cells from the inside neck of the bottle, because "sometimes it's a pretty tight fit......"


Also, the other night talking in bed with Jim, I learned that the Sandman really loves cats, and he used to take them with him when he traveled around to sprinkle the sand.

Then he figured out what they were doing to the sand......
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did I just hear Mr Mortensen tell David Letterman that Viggo is an old Danish name that means female sword swallower?
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Lately, I've been recording and watching Sea Hunt. I used to absolutely love this show as a kid (probably it was just the idea of being underwater, more than any plot points.) It is dated in a way that makes Jim and I try to put a bag over our heads several times an episode. And yet, I am fascinated and amused.

I realize I was little in the 50's, but I can't remember that the women I lived with (I grew up multi-generational) cried every time you looked at them. In fact, I think that whoever was perpetrating the mayhem would have been more likely to be the one crying.

Anyway, lately there have been some amazing lines of dialog that just have me rolling on the floor, and I think I may post them to share.

Last nights episode, for instance, ended with Mike declaring:
"well, I lost my hood, but I got my man!"


Nov. 26th, 2011 08:57 pm
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Jim and I encountered 2 bad scyfy channel movies today. This one is Stonehenge Apocalype.

Stonehenge is, apparently, trying to terraform the planet. Let me be clear - that planet is Earth.

Years ago, Jim and I saw a movie called Black Hole. We saw it in the theater (proving what happens when your friends get to pick the movie. I have many examples).

Early on, they stated that their mission was "to find habitable life in the galaxy." We made the same strangled not-laugh we just made. (everyone else thought there was something wrong with us.)
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The other night on the Late Late show, for no apparent reason, Ewan McGregor leaped up and held Craig's kangaroo testicles thusly

I was forced to screen grab it for my desk folder, so I thought I would share....

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Go see all the pictures here

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JIm and I finally watched the double season finale of Warehouse 13.

Anyone out there watch? We have a question that leaves us with a huge plot dissatisfaction....

why? )
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I am reposting this find from [ profile] notarysojac's journal--

Jim and I were watching Chopped on the food network when the following shot appeared at the end of their as for their upcoming Halow'een Wars show.

It went right past me, but Jim ([ profile] notarysojac) was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his lazyboy.

"DId I just see the Goatsee pumpkin?" he gasped, and grabbed the remote to go look. OMG! Now it cannot be unseen.....

Jim's theory is: Obviously the carver knew what they were doing, but their Standards folks must not surf the unsavory underbelly of the Interwebs...
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45 years ago, today, the very first episode of Star Trek aired on NBC

Do I remember it? Oh yes. Ship love - it is strong in this one....
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Warning: It's never JUST a snuggle with Kirk
at thinkgeek

rather make daleks? go here


Aug. 25th, 2011 06:41 pm
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Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack

I have the original blueprint package, so I am talking myself out of this. Really, I am...


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