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45 years ago, today, the very first episode of Star Trek aired on NBC

Do I remember it? Oh yes. Ship love - it is strong in this one....
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Warning: It's never JUST a snuggle with Kirk
at thinkgeek

rather make daleks? go here
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[ profile] notarysojac's birthday is Monday, and [ profile] leemoyer just called me from ComicCon to make me aware of this set of posters. They don't mail till the 26th, so I'll show him the site when he wakes up instead of trying to surprise him.

They are available from

Since we were on the phone, he also pointed me toward the Retro Trek posters

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I had a "bad technology" day on Friday...

Having repleced the doorknob in the bedroom (honestly, how cheap is this apartment? have any of you ever worn out a doorknob? as in metal fatigue?) he has been installing a new faucet in the kitchen all day. (He is currently in the un-installing it again phase)

He was trying to call and see how late Home Depot is open so he can exchange the faucet, so I had the tv on mute.

The bobsledders were carrying in and unwrapping a sleek black sled, but I had had time to forget what I was watching, and for a moment I thought it was Spock's space coffin from the end of Wrath of Khan ....

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Sep. 7th, 2005 04:16 am
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thought I would be posting more than icons, or at least catching up reading my f-list but no....

let's just agree that no one will say "Dreamweaver MX" to me for awhile....

Anyway, since I am aching to go to bed, here is another batch of icons (don't worry, we're nearly done) - CSI, Trek and Anime in this set.


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