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available here

In collaboration with artist Lee Moyer, Worldbuilders is proud to present our first calendar. Each month showcases one of history's great novelists with a classic pin-up referencing his or her work.

*Holiday Special* Order three calendars and get free US shipping! (Or $8 off your international shipping cost.)

Just enter the code: LITERACY when you check out.

Art by Lee Moyer:
All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.

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[ profile] notarysojac's birthday is Monday, and [ profile] leemoyer just called me from ComicCon to make me aware of this set of posters. They don't mail till the 26th, so I'll show him the site when he wakes up instead of trying to surprise him.

They are available from

Since we were on the phone, he also pointed me toward the Retro Trek posters

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Wow, we could pack a great big lunch!!

preorders at entertainment earth for $12.99

book bed

Apr. 19th, 2011 04:07 am
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Now you can literally curl up in the pages of a good book! Yusuke Suzuki made this bed with sheets forming the pages and pillows serving as bookmarks. (I saw it at neatorama)

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I would choose Amazon (where I shop for nearly everything, including my favorite gluten free cookies) or (Since I first found them in 2001, I have become addicted to being able to see (owning is a ++) zone 4 movies and they can be impossible to get here.)

Would I share? The pragmatic question is - what did I do to earn it, or was it serendipity? The real answer (as anyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you) is that I buy presents. All the time - it's what I do.

Right now, since Jim is still out of work, I would probably opt for Amazon, and do my Yule shopping.
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New Tshirt at the Chop Shop shows superheroes based on the Photoshop Filters
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One of the many web alerts I have set up emails me when articles show up mentioning "Eomer"

Today I got an alert for the Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle Earth Deluxe Figure: Eomer - with this picture:

(Now, if you follow the link on the page to Amazon, you will see the figure as expected. But it was too late to keep me from wearing my drink. (good thing I'm a seltzer kinda guy...)
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I bought the soundtrack myself last night. I see most of the character cards are up at ToRN, except for the conspicuous absence of my boy. Well, I sent them off now.

Probably Faramir is still the neglected Ranger because he only comes packaged this side out, and you have to know that before you go to the store:

One more thing to smack you for, Old Man.


Nov. 4th, 2003 11:35 pm
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Chris cajoled me out at some ungodly hour (it was daylight! Arrrgh!) and we traveled companionably along beside the Delaware River. Everything was gold, the light, the leaves, the contentment. We were in search of images, but we found few. We did have a great time, managed not to get lost following a detour (an achievement of epic proportions - generally Jim and Chris can both manage to miss a well known exit if I'm in the car - apparently it has something to do with the fact that I never shut up)

In and out of over-warmed little shops, a surfeit of incense and candles, Chris smelling warm and deliciously of grapefruit and vanilla, me developing a desire for a carving of harvest mice in late wheat...

We found ourselves in the children's section of the bookstore, looking for Yulies (christmas presents). In a bookstore, Chris and I are song with a chorus that goes: "Look! I love that book!" And while Chris selected a volume of traditional fairytales for her niece, I found a section of reprints of Rosemary Sutcliff. I replaced all my Roman Britain volumes a few years back, but I can never resist picking them up and holding them in my hands. Sutcliff was one of the writers I loved as a kid, but I had not realized just how much her actual writing style affected me -- there it was, the elusive tone and voice I hear in my head when I am trying to capture words in a net made of paper. I found out today that Chris had never read her, So I opened Dragon Slayer, (her retelling of Beowulf) at random and read a random line aloud:

She was of the same kind as Grendel, monstrous, evil, a Death-Shadow-In-The-Dark; but she had possessed the power to love, and she had loved her son, and was therefore more terrible than he had ever been.



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