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An Arda set, again from the games I play in.

This set is heavily Legolas and Eowyn, (mostly because [ profile] ningloreth runs two games that almost always interest me -[ profile] eowyn_icontest and [ profile] legolasicontest.
I wish I could find an Aragorn-Boromir-Faramir group that I like so well.)

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In the weta newsletter this past weekend, they announced the end of the LOTR line.

I have collected an awfully large number of said collectibles, and I love all the ones I decided to buy. And certainly, I knew it would wind to a close at some point. But in the article, they said:

"The partnership has been incredible. Although Sideshow and Weta are both eternally dedicated to Lord of the Rings, we've come to the mutual decision that it's time to end the Lord of the Rings collectible program. We've provided a very complete range of characters in the product categories for which we partnered," said Greg Anzalone, CEO of Sideshow Collectibles.

I've been very patient, guys. We didn't get any Boromir until after TT opened, so I kept the faith and waited. But that's not true and I feel let down.

There are numerous Rohan helms and busts, lots of elves represented, a full length cave troll and even a good half dozen orcs - so, where is Faramir?

Except for Boromir, in fact, all of Gondor's representation is from the Last Alliance. No swords, no busts, no full length statues -

We already saw Gondor get passed over and obviously cut out at the last filmwise. I don't think a bust of Faramir is too much to ask. Eowyn gets a full length statue for being suicidal!

*grumps off to sulk*

a few caps

Nov. 6th, 2003 03:28 am
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Yeah, I did take more, and yes, I do know he has his eyes closed in a lot of these --- hey, I know what *I* like!
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The official sight is showing stills from the extended dvd, and a feature on the city of Minas Tirith that has footage of David as Faramir, and also speaking about the city - short speaking clip, but oh, so lovely to hear Minas Tirith pronounced so beautifully.


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