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We discovered in the article 15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in February that today is Ice Cream for breakfast day.

We needed a new holiday, and that sounded like a good one to me, so

I woke up to find that Jim [profile] notarysojac had gone out for ice cream before I woke up. Here's our version - flax waffles, sugar free ice cream (with DaVinci sugar free caramel syrup) and iced coffee. Mmmmm.

A good holiday, and a terrific husband.
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And to think, there are people who don't think NPR is fun. Sandwich Monday has returned -- how i have missed you!

Sandwich Monday: The Twinkie Wiener Sandwich
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this was recced to me:
Anthony Bourdain goes to Narnia

No Reservations: Narnia
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A set of food related icons from various games
(many of them done for [ profile] japan_abc)

TEASER! Icon 031 TEASER! Icon 038 TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 029 TEASER! Icon 020

more inside )
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I have a lot of really random icons in the vault, so you may see some strange categories go by... these have something to do with eating or drinking...

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Oct. 22nd, 2006 10:23 pm
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Well, we haven't managed a movie (not even one here) but Chris did make a slew (that's a scientific term) of earrings, and Jim has walked her through setting up the next part of her website. (I'll post a link when it's ready)

I did relieve her of a pair with retro lozenge shapes/colors that matched the shirt Jim was wearing, and we set off on a blind adventure -- Chris had picked out where she wanted to go for dinner, but wanted to surprise us.

We drove north to exit 10 and were surprised to find ourselves at Harold's Deli. It's been waaay to long since we had a good deli anywhere in our neck of the woods, and this was not only food, it was an adventure in portions, starting with sandwiches (brisket vrs pastrami) that Chris and I did not manage to eat an entire half of, and followed by desserts that are the dictionary definition of excess. Here, thanks to Chris's cell phone camera and [ profile] notarysojac's photoshopping skills, you can see the fellowship crossing Caradras vanilla buttercream cake:

(check jim's journal for more info)

Now, consider the possibilities of the fellowship coming up for air covered with buttercream frosing instead of snow --- isn't there something we can do to help them? (sorry, Legolas girls -but you know he just walks on top of buttercream like he's weightless. Bwaahahahaha.)

Yes, that slice of cake was 18 inches high. Jim and I split it for dessert last night, and breakfast this morning, and it looks like we might manage to finish it with coffee sometime this evening. The birthday girl had a *slice* of cheesecake that was the size of a wading pool. When we got home, my kitchen looked briefly like a food fight warzone, with bits of leftovers everywhere.


Jun. 6th, 2006 09:04 pm
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I never remember seem to remember birthdays now (the truth is, living on my own schedule, I don't usually remember what day it is) but LJ just managed to remind me that it's [ profile] avon7's birthday (or at least, it probably is, I think she's 15 hours ahead of me) *hugs* To celebrate, I won't sing, and we will all rejoice.

About a hundred years ago (ok, it was probably 1983 or 4) when Robin Wood ([ profile] jalitha) lived next door, we were preparing for a large Thanksgiving/Birthday (Robin's) get together. We were cutting up vegetables for the veggie tray, and cheese and sausage for the cheese tray, and Robin decided she wanted a twinkie tray as well, so we cut up twinkies and devil dogs and yodels and got donut holes and chocolate dip and fruit spread. It was a big hit, but the kids were so high on sugar so early in the day that we only did it a few times.

Just now, Jim read me an article about how to host an anime viewing party, which give directions for making twinkie sushi. If Robin still lived nearby I'm sure we would have done this by now.

Directions: Slice Hostess Twinkies into pieces about an inch tall. Slice fruit roll-ups in strips long enough and wide enough to wrap around the Hostess Twinkie pieces. Wrap the fruit roll-ups around the Hostess Twinkie pieces. Place dried fruits and candie*s into the cream filling. Place Twinkie rolls on a plate or in a bento box. Garnish with strips of dried mango to resemble pickled ginger. the full article is here

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number 4 makes me miss Robin Wood...

5. 6.7.8.


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