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I am currently reading Just My Type.

I would like to go on the record here, and say that i don't get the nearly universal hate for Comic Sans. Comic Sans is perfectly fine if used correctly. It's what people DO with comic sans that gives me the horrors.

Courier, on the other hand, is simply the ugliest typeface on the planet in its own right. For me, it has no redeeming features whatsoever.

So far, the font I am most interested in finding out more about is Barry Deck's canicopulous - a font done in homage to Gill Sans, and named for Eric Gill's reputed experiments with .... well, canis is for "dog", and copulous is for..... yeah.

The letter forms are described as having horny extensions that look like wagging tails that reach out to touch each other.
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Jim found this post today on the Scriptorium.

Dave Nalle, who sells and designs some of my favorite fonts, recounts a dream he had involving tarot cards designed like 1960's psychedelic rock posters, and their attendant fonts.

Scroll down to Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
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For those of you who think I am about to speak a foreign language - sorry, but this is awesome.

Someone on one of the lines I monitor was asking for help with a typeface they purchased not working correctly in Photoshop. Well, as soon as I saw the examples, it was obvious (though the question had already been answered) that actually, the font was only working correctly in photoshop - jim tells me fonts with alternates and ligatures don't always get the support they need in windows. Anyway, I went to track down the font itself because the alternates looked sooooo cool.

The font is Ministry Script by Veer. Guh.

"Designed by Alejandro Paul... According to Paul, his latest creation is “a time capsule that marks both the American ad art of the 1920s, and the current new-millennium acrobatics of digital type.”

Ligatures include standard, discretionary, contextual, and swash features. Ministry Script contains 99,814 kerning pairs

I have to say that again - 99,814 kerning pairs.

I have to go lay down now.

font fans

Apr. 17th, 2006 10:26 am
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My Fonts has fonts by Tim Rowlands on sale - including Orlando, which is free if you download it today. (I have had my eye on his Odyssey for awhile - it doesn't look useful, but Alternates and Ligatures!
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SO, Jim forwarded me some font news. Nothing strange there, but it was an announcement by P22 announcing the new Rimmer collection

after the slash stories he's heard Chris and I discuss, Jim wondered in his message if this collection had been made specifically for my fandom...

want fonts?

Jul. 6th, 2005 06:18 pm
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I know some of you are font junkies like us ( well, maybe not like us - do you try to be the first to call out the name of the font when you ride past billboards or watch movie credits? Wow, you too?)

Anyway, one of our favorite typehouses, Dinctype, has a set of 9 British Invasion style type faces up for free - they were suppose to come down on July first, but I just grabbed them myself, so i know they're still available.

Go to the Swinging London set, and click and download!


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