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I was looking through my old HASA discussions and realized that I posted Breathe on this day in 2003..... it doesn't seem like it could be that long ago
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Well, happy birthday, Thomas Raith!
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for this week's challenge at [ profile] tolkien_weekly: "heart"

Title: Heart of the Mountain
Characters/Pairing: Thorin
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Hobbit
Disclaimer: All of Arda belongs to The Professor, though these stories are from the Arda in my heart.

Arkenstone )

fic memes

Jan. 21st, 2006 05:20 am
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I really wanted to do this one, but I am beset with the thought that it would be an imposition, and the terror that no one would answer anyway

the serious fic meme )

I'll give you this one instead:
How to recognize a fic by fileg:

the title is longer than the story

and what the heck does it mean, anyway?

the elipse ....

good typography, bad punctuation

I am smiling because I got some phrase in that makes the entire thing worthwhile to me, but that very probably no one will ever spot (except possibly [ profile] mrkinch or [ profile] kortirion who will be looking for it)

my main character is conspicuous by her absence


if anything remotely resembling plot appears, its completely by accident

who needs plot, I'm writing dialog

(this only applies at home) fileg writes some bit of sexual innuendo that tickles her immensely. An hour later, she will still be trying to explain it to Jim or Chris

fileg— was overly influenced by — emily dickinson — at a young age

Sense impressions, in particular smells that are described by their taste.

feathers and dreams

it's canon

and it's rated g
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This is for the challenge at [ profile] tolkien_weekly to write in a voice I have not written in before. 100 words is not really enough to say I have written in a new voice, but I have not written this character before (though Chris [ profile] elladans_witch and I have had plans for a while now to do so together. Real Soon Now, or as we say - Pagan Standard Time) two of you will understand that this is, in its way, for North

This one owes some of its essence to movie!verse, but holds up as canon. I feel like I squashed this one into the suitcase with a crowbar...
It all belongs to The Professor, and it is his fault for making me think these things...


a sunny afternoon in Valinor...

“Commiserating?” I asked, coming in just as what was probably a third bottle of wine was being opened.

Elu Thingol nodded. “Only we understand hearing our daughters declare their love was worth dying for...”

“Gift of Man, indeed,” Elrond grumbled. “Why did you never try to dissuade Idril from the choice?”

“It’s fortunate for you I did not…” I began; he had the grace to blush.

“She was not a child, but a woman grown.” I smiled then, and added, “Thankfully, because I did not try to keep her, in the end I did not have to lose her.”
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The Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards 2005

I got the MEFA awards announcement as I was crawling off to bed last night. I have to say how pleased I was to see that reading the winners made me think of my friends list!

I hope I caught all of you - I have to admit the list is presented in a completely overwhelming fashion, and my logic skills were screaming "Oh no! Pop quiz!" So if I missed you, please point me to your story ---

About three days ago I finally figured out the dual reason why I can't navigate the MEFA site -

1) Since I had to join the Yahoo group to get the mailings, I was trying to log in with my yahoo password and name. Oh, how wrong that was!

2) Nothing at the site works correctly for me in Mozilla. But Chris asked me to read something to her, and when I gave up in frustration and opened the site in Safari -- Voila!!!

Did they take Drabbles in all the categories this year? wow.

so, thank you, *so* much to the people who said nice things to me, and next year I should be able to return the favor at last!!

Forodwaith (you kicked major butt! How many did you win?)
Nancy Brooke
Wild Iris

You cleaned up as well, but I was especially pleased to see you take a first with The Sky Wept Diamonds! How many of us do I feel are connected through that story!


Oct. 8th, 2005 08:15 pm
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For the Poetry muse challenge at [ profile] tolkien_weekly
It's me, so you already know it's Ardaverse, G rated and canon conscious. surprisingly enough, this one is movie!verse. There is subtext in the title, for those of you who have been following my crackpot theories about symbolism.

All of Arda is the professor's. I just write you postcards when I am there.

Until The Stars Are All Alight )
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for the "music" challenge at [ profile] tolkien_weekly

Thank you, professor
The Valley is Jolly )

Moon Lands

Oct. 7th, 2004 06:38 am
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A belated birthday present for Liz at Henneth Annun,
(with good thoughts to Flick who has just been on my mind while I wrote it)


Anduin, mother of waters, carries within her all of our world. Snow melt from the roof of the world has gathered to her heart the heart of all the lands she washes as she journeys South. She flows broad and bright by the time she reaches the Garden of Gondor. Ithilien greets her at the border of Anorien with moonflowers, craving her blessing.

Next the banks bloom in variegated thyme, symbol of courage and persistence; then lemon balm and peppermint spread the scent of healing as they run rioting over the paths. Meadowsweet twines the fragrance of happiness where clover and chamomile promise the redemption of love. Sweet grass , whose scent clears the mind, joins wild dianthus to open the heart.

For awhile Anduin goes more slowly, hiding in the reeds, before surging forward again as she catches the scent of the sea and runs onward to meet the sun. But before she leaves the lands of the moon, fennel and yarrow will add to her song – protection, sweet mother, for all the lands within reach of your cold, swift flowing tears.

I kneel and drink deeply of the waters of the moon. Then, rising to go, I drop the green sprig I have been holding in my right hand into the dancing gleam.

Rosemary – that’s for remembrance.
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I am not myself yet. But I am trying.
This doesn't really want to be a drabble, but at the moment I am lucky to have 100 words.

For the Mourning challenge at [ profile] tolkien_weekly
Into The West )
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Reversal of Fortune

for the changing places challenge
thank you, [ profile] mrkinch, for reminding me how to bend the rules

I have written reams about this exchange and its significance to me, but never in fiction... is that cheating?
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Wheel of the Year
for the Change of Season challenge
Arwen (Eldarion implied)

edit: reposted from the defunct [ profile] lotr100

Wheel of the Year )
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For some reason I don't understand, the LoTR100 stopped showing up in my flist. So, I have some catching up to do...

November Sky )
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Two Tongues
Characters: Faramir
Author notes: Chris says I write too many notes...
for the "Meaning Of A Word" challenge at the lotr100
edit: reposted from the defunct [ profile] lotr100

Two Tongues )
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The Kiss
By: [ profile] fileg and [ profile] notarysojac
for the Valentines Day / Romantic Encounter challenge
edit: reposted here from the defunct [ profile] lotr100

The Kiss )
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a short moment

Reflection )
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Title: Confluence
Words: 100
Team: Dunedain
for the mistaken identity challenge
edit: reposted from the defunct [ profile] lotr100

Confluence )
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Title: Smile
Word Count: 100
Team: Dunedain
Characters: Boromir - Faramir
I don't write slash. *fileg hides her head under her wing* It's just an innocent game...
For the teaching challenge at lotr100
(self reverential in that it is meant to reference my story The First Time)

edit: reposted here from the defunct [ profile] lotr100

Smile )


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