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Late last week Jim got an unexpected call from someone he used to work with at Pharmacopeia who is now the COO of Kingley Health. They were looking for someone who could basically be a jack of all trades - handle graphics, marketing, desktop support, web, video, etc. etc. as needed - and she immediately thought of Jim since that's the sort of thing he did.

They asked him to come in and interview on Monday, and he accepted the position of Creative/IT Specialist this morning.

I will really miss having him at home after a year +, and we will miss the perks he had accumulated after 15 years at pcop, but I am happy and relieved in this economy to know that things look good (and grateful we didn't have to resort to buying him suits and ties or cutting his hair).

Thanks to all of you who kept us in your good thoughts over the past year. Here's hoping all goes well.


Nov. 6th, 2006 11:33 pm
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My connection to LJ is still hit or miss, though Jim's seems to be fine. I suspect I am on a doomed cluster. In the past, I've been on Chef, Santa and (I think) Porkchop. Do they have one named comcast?

We managed to move some of the mess back into the pantry at long last. Today I was flattened with a headache all day though, and I wonder if it's sinus or all the dust we stirred up. As a result, I have nothing to say again. I curled up on the couch and tracked down ideas for the rest of the trick-or-treat icons, watched Heros (I am distressed that I can't find a single female character to like in this mix, but I adore Hiro so much I keep coming back) and Six Feet Under (which are new to me - I have the complete series boxset on order, so that should tell you how much I like them so far. I will be devastated if they drop off in quality since I'll have so many disks to mourn over.) And I have finished the first book of The Dresden FIles and ordered the next 4 (since 4 is usually cheaper at Amazon) and the latest Fruits Basket (14?). I have a new Genshiken I thought I would read in bed, but I am considering medicating myself into a stupor.

We've been very low-key about Thanksgiving the last few years, but the Food network is making me badly miss the big feast that used to happen here. I don't miss the cleaning up, though, or trying to fit things into the refrigerator. Perhaps I'll make a plan for some small cooking projects. Pumpkin Macadamia soup sounds good to me at the moment.

JIm ([ profile] notarysojac) posted today with the sort of mistake that amuses us so much. But where is Anthony LaPaglia, I ask? when this first began happening, he was in *everything*!

Looking forward to a visit from [ profile] aspidites on Thursday, and a possible get together with my music buddy John if we can manage to make definite plans for the weekend.
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It's a lovely 60ish degrees outside, and Me? I have the bedroom air-conditioner running, due to the double whammy of the continuing dampness that make it feel like breathing soup, and the true sorrow of my apartment - we just can never get the breeze to come IN, and since the hot water pipes for the building run under our unit, it's generally warmer than I like this time of year.

A good book day - my Library had Darkly Dreaming Dexter for me (I got to see the first three episodes of Dexter during the recent preview week on Comcast, and I am really hooked- almost enough to spring for a pay channel. Almost. It's still comcast, after all. The only problem is now I get the occasional moment of character flashover while watching Six Feet Under -especially the sad smile during funerals moments. wah.)

And since I was having Amazon send me stuff for Chris's birthday (tomorrow, she shares with Mr. Viggo, though he's a year older.) I just let them send what I had in the cart, and added Storm Front, the first of the Dresden Files, which I managed to get hooked on from reading [ profile] sulien77's icons.

Hopefully over the weekend, we'll hook up the new phone, although the house gods seem to have decided that only Jim gets karma credit, since he chose it. They're still being nasty to me, and photoshop in particular is cruising for a meeting with a big stick.

At least itunes is behaving, which is good, since I came home from dinner the other night with a craving for the first James Taylor and Jackson Browne albums. (ok, I am now sneaking in a little Guadal Canal Diary and Hooters)

Chris has requested movie weekend for her birthday, but hasn't chosen yet. I think we'll shoot for 2, but may only make it to 1 since she also wants a session of working on her website with Jim. Still there *might* be some dvd shaped packages in her presents, so there's always that option. And hopefully dinner at some point, possibly with cake.
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My day started better, possibly because I managed to sleep late and avoid the techno-gods (except for the phone, briefly - and we ordered a new phone, so hopefully the one that holds a charge for all of 20 seconds after you pick it up will be headed for the great recycler in the sky soon. Hmm, I wonder if the phone rage that made me go out and throw it to the concrete of the porch yesterday is what set the little techno buggers off?)

Had an early birthday dinner for Chris at Longhorns, which was lovely except for the driving-soaking rain. ( I usually love getting damp as we run through the rain, but tonight I didn't make it down the walk to the car without getting soaked to the skin. Times like that, I really miss being able to wear contacts, as I fumble for the door.) After she left for home, Christopher followed us home and Jim duped some Samurai 7 for him (no techno-god pranks for him)

Then I popped open my powerbook, and Photoshop decided to let me know I was not forgiven by thinking up a new trick (every document I made, as soon as I did anything at all, the boxes in the layers that show what they are would turn to grey squares) and an old favorite (quitting "unexpectedly" if I save.)

This was followed by a second night in a row where someone's link to a graphic actually took me to a third party download page that popped a video/flash ad that froze Mozilla solid, and I lost all my tabbed info and sites when I crashed out. (I only use Mozilla for a very limited graphics flist that I read, but I don't want to sign out on firefox, or while firefox is running/downloading something else.

And the second night in a row that my Comcastic new cable has bluescreened out all my channels. Oh, comcast! I'm so impressed. Like a monkey ... with a sledgehammer....
Christopher mentioned tonight that he also had Comcast troubles recently, and had to go to the office to get it cleared up (since they only allow morons to man the phones in our area) and was surprised to find that the office had been re-done so that erveryone is behind bulletproof glass. I thought about that tonight while I was on hold....

It pushed me over my rapidly shrinking limit, and I gave in to the urge to hit something. It was the table next to me, and I didn't manage to hit it enough to feel less frustrated before I managed to hurt myself (enough that I'm sitting here holding a bag of ice in my "mousing" hand. Bah.)

So, owww. Enough typing for now.

plumb loco

Sep. 11th, 2006 09:28 am
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As I said to Chris the other day, I had been told that people tend to become obsessed with their plumbing when they get older - this was not what I expected. And no amount of preparation on our side seem to make anything go any smoother.

The supers got in touch (by "in touch," I mean they shoved a note into my mailbox late Wednesday evening, even though I was sitting in the living room and they could have spoken to me. Wednesday was the day they had promised to replace the toilet by, but I wasn't surprised that it hadn't gotten done on time. The note said the floor did, indeed have to be replaced before the plumbing was replaced (Oh! What a shock!) and we could pick a day this week to have that done. Jim was able to take a comp day, so we decided to go for first thing Monday morning (that would be now) It took them until Friday night to confirm, we would be first on Monday morning.

Not that anyone has ever shown up on time here, but we figured that would indicate sometime between nine and ten. In order for the floor to be replaced, Jim and I had to dismantle the shelving unit we built into the little bath. So, joining the piles of stuff from the pantry and the contents of the bookcase from the bedroom which are still piled about, waiting for the cable guys, we now have the contents of the bathroom shelves and cabinet in new piles - along with the shelves and the cabinet itself, of course.

I think I may have discovered how the idea of labyrinths and hedge mazes got started.

So, why am I writing to you at 8am?

Since Jim was here to let them in, I decided to sleep until they rang the bell. There was a chance, slim though it was, that someone would ring the bell at 9, because the apartment crew doesn't start till then. But there was just as good a chance that no one would show till noon.

At 8, jim decided to use the main bathroom so he wouldn't get caught, as they say, with his *pantsu* down. Well, you know how sympathetetic magic works - the carpenter showed up at a quarter after, raising his eyebrow at me and repeating that the paperwork had said he would be here at 8. (Paperwork? Someone got paperwork?)

Jim (if you ever have to deal with Jim and I in a problem capacity, Jim is definitely the one you want) ushered the carpenter down the hall, asking if he had enough room to maneuver through the path of piles of crap in twisty turny corridors, while I muttered that the cable guys were the first to ask for mound-building to occur, and I wasn't shifting an already shifted pile of books.

The carpenter said no, he was probably good with the space that was cleared for him, and would yell if he wasn't -- until he got to the bath and looked in.

You see, the carpenter can't replace the floor, because in spite of the fact that the super has know about the plumbing problem for almost two weeks, he has never removed the leaking toilet, nor even disconnected it so it can be manhandled out.

Walkie-talkies crackle, and the carpenter is assured that the super will take care of it first thing - after he gets here, sometime after nine. I wonder if that means the toilet will actually get replaced today too, or if the super will disappear once the removal stage is done.

(using announcer voice from Love Of Chair): And what about Naomi the Cable Guys? I haven't heard anything at all about an impending visit. Ah, and to think they laughed when I told them I expected Joe Btfsplk to be in charge.

I don't recall if I mentioned in all these updates that the last time I had floor pulled up (in the main bath some years ago, due to a leak in the apartment above us (pre-vacuuming woman) that resulted in a bulge in the bathroom ceiling in the shape of Elvis' head, (the Las Vegas Years - but I digress) - they pulled out the toilet and went to lunch. Powzie, my evil black tortoiseshell cat, jumped into the hole and vanished into the crawl space, and after lunch they put the toilet back and sealed the hole. It took me many frantic hours to solve the logic puzzle and then locate her, pressed to the well at the far end of the apartment next to the wall. Thankfully my very tall, very thin, very gay friend Fritz crawled along the hot water pipes in a copper colored jumpsuit, giving himself a tribal brand from the heating of the zipper on the way, and got her. (That was how we discovered the pipes beneath our apartment had lost their insulation wrapping, which is why is was always so blasted hot in here. Did I ever tell you about how the cabinets in the kitchen were attached to the wall with finishing brads?

And yet, I love my apartment. Go fig.

I promise to post something other than plumbing next time, even if it has to be icons.
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It is storming like mad - hope we're not in for another round of flooding.

Chris is kitten-sitting for a pair of too-small-to-really-be-separated-from-momma-but-were-rescued kittens and we have an invitation to join her for dinner and a movie, kitten petting and use of the pool for tonight and tomorrow night, so of course there has been lightening on and off constantly since last night. We will almost certainly go tomorrow for dinner and kittens even if the pool doesn't work out.

tonight's anime report: We curled up on the couch for bitching-about-Dreamweaver (that would be me - Dreamweaver - it's Comcastic!) and then we watched vol. 1 of Kamichu!, which we both give our highest recommendation to -- If Hayao Miyazaki and Grant Morrison had a love child, this would be it. We rented this one, but it's going directly onto my buy list.
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we're watching anime (surprise) and jim is doing a running commentary for me when I can't look up. "They left him to clean up the boys dorm," he says, and then begins to detail what he thinks this will entail: carefully stacking the porn mags; pick up all the saki bottles, wash the wank out of the towels...

*giggles* I love my boy. He washes the towels here, too, but I won't speculate on what that means.


Gah, I have an 11 am appointment with my eye doctor. Must tell him not to do anything that requires dilating my eyes because we are headed to the early afternoon Serenity with Chris after.

I was originally not so happy about the early morning appointment, but since it meant Jim had the day off for the movie, that made things much better.

I have no idea how they can tell how my vision is at pre-noon appointments since my eyes are still glued shut. Plus, it's a long standing joke between Dr Neiheisher and I that I have long ago memorized the card with the tiniest writing - so when they ask what the smallest paragraph I can read is, I usually begin "Our small boat moved downstream...." before he gets the card into the holder.

I probably should think about getting a spare pair of glasses. My current backup is a pair of sunglasses, but they only have my distance prescription - I am so used to the varilux that they make me feel queasy when I wear them now.

Perhaps he'll talk jim into a prescription pair for reading when he has his contacts in instead of the drugstore pair that leave grooves in his head.

must try to sleep, I guess, though that trick never works....


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