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Jim and I had our eye appointments today, and after having my eyes dilated and lights shined on/in, followed by a trip to cheeburger cheeburger for carbs (and now that I don't carb often, I have to say OMG that first french fry! Mmmmm!), and topped off with an hour of looking at flat screen tv's (Our tv has been threatening to implode for months, and yesterday it simply gave up. My very resourceful [ profile] notarysojac hooked up the biggest of our flat monitors for the time being) I have a headache/eyeache combo that is currently making me want a nap.

No change in my eyes by the way, which at my age and family background is always nice to hear. I did order new glasses, since I have learned the value of good backups, and besides it was time.

And yes, it does look like jim and I will be buying each other a tv for our anniversary once he is done playing the happy engineer game of spec-ing everything out.

But, a quick link to share:

I've always been overly fond of stationary supplies - Nothing like a box of eberhard faber mongol pencils (482 #1's!). These days I'm pretty much down to fountain pens and laptop (Oooh, and my light green graph paper day journal) But there are a bunch of things in this entry at dark roasted blend that I would go for....

I never thought of hooking ginger up to run a shredder (though I used to take a roll of toilet paper, set it on the shredder and let it shred/unroll to make her favorite softy shred.

Although an art piece by Tom Ballhatchet, this is a working shredder (provided the hamster is working).

A little heavy on the animal related links, I know, but don't miss the cat butt pencil sharpener or the real-life rabbit paper opener....


Jul. 30th, 2007 11:44 pm
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I have nothing important to say, but I really want to get back in the habit of writing so I'm just going to blither a bit...

Jim and I are attempting to watch the Leonard Cohen "I'm Your Man" on On Demand -- I say attempting because Comcast seldom lets me get through any of my "OhMyGod! Free!" programing if it's over 30 minutes long. Usually I get the "Oh Dear! Something is wrong! Why don't you call us" message about 45 minutes in. (I know- why don't I call them? Well, I used to, but honestly I've gotten fed up with the whole thing. I shouldn't have to call for *every* program!) Of course, I usually watch in the little hours of morning, 3 or 4 am, so it will be interesting to see if my pet theory that they have a vendetta for night people holds true.

I almost bought the dvd of this for Jim's birthday, so I'm glad to get a chance to preview at least some of it. We're long time fans, and there are a few performers we got to present when we were doing that (Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson) and that always makes me nostalgic for how much fun it was.

So far I am most boggled with Nick Cave's speaking voice, which is just *so* different from his singing voice.


Previously we were watching a dinosaur/mammal program on the evil science channel which for some reason brought back a memory of a game we used to play back sometime about 1980 called "Quirks."

Quirks was a simple sort of game - instead of a board, it had a long paper strip divided into environments, and a set of little cardboard cards that went together in head/body or head/body/tail in the manner of those children's picture flip books where you can give the deep sea diver ballet shoes, etc.

Each card had a couple of letters (mostly from the name of the actual animal it was based on, but sometimes totally random) to make up the name of this imaginary thing. On your turn, you could change one card making up one or two of your animals if you wished, and then you would roll dice to see how far along the climate change strip to move the indicator for the next person.

The various body parts had points that were good or bad in that environment, and the trick was not to become extinct. We quickly changed the kind of dice we were using to get a more random effect, and honestly we would usually get more involved in making outrageous animals than in game play.

One night our friend He-Fritz discovered the ultimate animal, the one that just sailed along without ever needing a change, mopping up the other animals that were not adapting well to the climate changes. Graced with the unlikely name "Tawbsy", it was a two card animal with the head of a Tyrannosaur and the body of a mallard duck.

I know that ducks will mate with anything even remotely duck-like - it's my understanding that more species of duck have become extinct through interbreeding themselves into something else than any other way. I can only feel enormously lucky that Tawbsy never occurred in our world.
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I am totally NOT a shoe girl. I currently have a pair of black walking sneakers that I think of as my new shoes, but realized recently that they are at least 5 years old.

So, the idea that I would actually *desire* shoes is a little foreign to me. And yet, I fell in love with these, and so Jim went out and found a way to order them on line:

more blathering, 2 more pics )
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Well, I'm halfway through my book - but unlike everyone else on the planet, I'm reading Time and Chance by Sharon Kay Penman. After hoarding it for some time, I decided to read it in the "distract myself" pile while I was worrying. It's not a good distraction though, since we are now into the Thomas Becket era and dear gods how I want to go back in time and smack him.

I expect my Harry Potter will arrive tomorrow, and then I'll catch up to those of you who braved the midnight madness.


I had a small health scare - And I am happy to report it WAS more scare than anything else. What I could feel (and spend my nights borrowing trouble over) turned out to be a small hernia - very very small - so small Jory thinks surgery isn't currently needed. (I have to check in with him again in six months if nothing changes). While he had me in the office he laughed at me, quoted Dune at me and prescribed ointment for my hand - and by the second day I have to admit my eczema is already visibly clearing.

I'm trying not to read too much on-line till I catch up to the Potter crowd, but since I've been too preoccupied to post, I have a bushel of icons in my holding pen from various icon games. I'm hoping posting them will get me back into the habit of posting. These are the most random of the random:

more random icons )
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Some of you need to check out this posting of the Alien my Little Pony.

[ profile] kortirion, I found my story! (I was logged in under my other name, doh!) I'm printing it out for bathtub reading with accompanying soundtrack and candles. *G*

Re: Pluto -- what's gonna happen to poor little Nix? Is it still a moon if it orbits a non-planet? (And? That voting was whacked, you astronomers!)


So, the guys that are rewiring my cable came in yesterday afternoon..

cabel guys, scary science chanel, experiments you can do at home, more... )

quiet day

Aug. 11th, 2006 10:55 pm
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Wow - yesterday my terror alert changed to show grover, ernie *and* elmo!

I slept without Nyquil last night, and managed to finish my book. Today I finally felt good enough to venture outdoors, so Jim and I went out for a late dinner.

Driving out, we popped in one of the anime soundtracks he got for his birthday, and found it to be what we can only describe as the Inuyasha Dance Mix. Is there such a thing as an electric dulcimer? I'm dying to see what goes with the track that sounds like bellydancing. I give it a C-

Dinner (breakfast in my case) was good, and I have left over french toast for later. Good planing! Dining was not as good, unfortunately. (I know I'm a cranky old curmudgeon, but I don't want to hear screaming babies all through dinner. I don't expect the world to be child-free, but in restaurants after 9pm or movies that don't start til 10pm, I don't want to hear screaming infants. Fair is fair.)

Coming home under a great big wheel of gouda moon, we switched back to the Gankutsuou theme, and mellowed back out. Later - french toast with sugar free blackberry jam - mmmmmm.

Tomorrow Chris is coming over to cook chicken and watch Zone 4 movies of a currently undetermined nature.
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Apr. 5th, 2006 07:28 am
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for those of you who didn't see the answers to the Friday Five Jim left in my comments, I point out this answer:

5) If someone was going to make a movie or TV show about your life, who would play you?

Ron Jeremy

(I can't even make the standard remark about cleaning the screen with a tissue for that one!)
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strange long day

OMFG! My house is so tidy! Jim has been like the white tornado, and gotten me moving almost to match. (Ok, there is still a bunch of laundry in the bedroom, and the office is not being counted in this, since we have to make it worse in order to make it better - but it's moving, and even with the ongoing *make me more zen* project in there, big station is dug out and quite usable. I'm so pleased! plus, swords are hung, and we tossed a huge amount of pantry staples that were waaaay too old (5 year old tea! ick!)

We are still hearing mice in the pantry and crawl space, but without dry catfood down, there isn't much for them to find attractive (The first swipe at the pantry turned up the target of choice - two packages of WASA that I forgot to seal in tupper/ziploc. They don't seem to have any interest at all in low carb staples!

I was so tired, I actually crawled off to bed before 2 last night (though once there I could not sleep)

And last thing last night, I broke a front tooth (fortunately painlessly) and my wonderful dentist squeezed me in at the lunch hour to fix it. It's fine now, but a little shorter than it was, so when I eat, I keep having sudden panicky feelings that I've done it again. I'm sure we'll cap it in the spring... but uuuugh! Babying a tooth just when I am looking forward to meeting friends for various feastings. waaah.

Friends from Boston made their regular Yule visit, and we went for the traditional Chinese dinner. I enjoy them very much, but I am so worn out from lack of sleep, dentistry, and having a child in the house - I'm just not used to it, and as you can imagine, lots of my house is quite sharp.

It did make me feel a little more seasonal, though.

Jim and I watched 3x3 eyes. I liked the first one much better than the second.

Part of that is sound - one of the problems I do have with Anime is that I have *really* sensitive hearing (never wore the headphones in the sixties, and mine doesn't go to 11....) and so some of the traditional sounds (screaming, high pitched children, puppet laughing, etc ---) have kept me from enjoying things I know I would otherwise get into. It actually easier when it's just a fight, because I can turn the sound off altogether and turn the subs on.

I'm hoping I'll (as jim says) sleep like the lembas tonight
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hope you all had a great day and got buried under avalanches of love and goodies.

We won't open presents until New Years - that's our anniversary, and in former years, it worked out better to pick that day for the "chosen" family to get together, letting people spend the 25th with birth relatives.

(actually, since we no longer have a houseful coming for the holidays, but Jim has the week off, we will open a few pr0n/anime related things to share on those quiet nights)

I have been enjoying reading about people's gifts, so I thought I would share my favorite one with you - (till he finds it, and possibly requests its removal...)

This is Jim, as he looked in when we were first together (1977 -- Straight off his Nassau County Leisure Pass) )
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I've been very good about trying not to spoiler anyone (and you know how I feel about keeping mum about spoilers for books that have been available as long as I have) so let me ask you -

If I said (as I often have) that the Narnia books were spoiled for me because of the end, would those of you who read them/are fans understand what I am referring to?

I found myself in this conversation about half a dozen times this week, and several lovely people tried to tell me how good The Last Battle is, so .....

(warning: spoilers in comments if you don't want to come in)


I am woefully behind reading (and writing) here again, but we have finished the long shelves in the office now, and took our third set of 300 to 400 books off to be sold this weekend. I am terribly pleased, but also glad to think of a few days of not showering ourselves with top shelf dust from 1982.
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We are doing everything backwards this year - we are celebrating the holiday by making a mess instead of cleaning. The living room looks like someone blew up a library.

It's great, really, though keeping us busy.

tonight we got through one shelf from the office, ruthlessly culling fiction (first step in the eventual hope of reorganizing the space). That does't sound like much, does it? but the shelf is 8 linear feet, shelved four rows deep with paperback. I'd say we managed to part with almost half (though this is probably going to be the easiest shelf). We have three big boxes to go to the used book store.

We are also transferring video to dvd, and throwing away the old tapes. We played through about 10 tapes today, and managed to throw about 8 away. There was much less stopping to watch things than I was afraid there would be (But OMG! Ed Feldman and Joe L'Erario!!! How I miss you!! I know that won't mean anything to people who were not watching Philadelphia PBS about 10 years ago, but they are the Furniture Guys. I am still hoping to find that I might not have taped over the episode where they dressed up as Alice B Toklas and Gertrude Stein and showed us how to snake a drain)

I feel like I have about 3 inches of dust adhered to my skin now.... mmmm... bath.....


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