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Received an email from waterbug music that made my day:

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - "Little Blue Egg." On Red House Records

Tracy Grammer discovered the tracks for Little Blue Egg during an archiving project in the summer of 2010, a full eight years after Carter's death. Rescuing the original ADAT tapes from a moldy basement where they were stored, she discovered the tapes in pristine condition. As she digitized the tapes in real-time, Tracy pored over old studio notes about the recordings. "Tears flowed, I laughed out loud, memories flooded back," Grammer remembers. "It felt like a miracle to hear Dave's voice -- and our voices, together -- singing old songs that sounded new again, along with others I had forgotten about entirely." With several of these tracks made as rough demos, Dave Carter sings "like nobody's watchin'," his most emotionally unfettered recorded work. Dave and Tracy. Something good.

sound samples, orders at waterbug and at amazon

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I like to believe that Dave Carter has better things to think about where he is now, but for those of us he left behind, it's still his birthday. Here's hoping for many perseid meteor birthday candles.

Gentle Soldier Of My Soul
© 1999 Dave Carter / Dave Carter Music (BMI)

my love has gone all upon the crimson trail
his drum at dawn beating brimstone through the veil
clear light through smoke and ash
and balmy seas, where breakers crash and roll
gentle soldier of my soul

he lays me down in his garden growin bed
he weaves a crown, twigs and feathers for my head
he sings the fields awake
and folds me in the love that makes me whole
gentle soldier of my soul

when i have passed through the forest of my trails
and stand at last where the shadows run for miles
we'll ride on ponies fine
with painted shields through fields of shining gold
gentle soldier of my soul

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dave and tracy, april 2002 photo by me

there is still so much light in the place where he stood, I can't believe it will not always burn there

One of the last pictures I took of Dave, when Dave & Tracy and Pete and Maura Kennedy played for us in April of 2002
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