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an annual reprint - [this year precipitated by zynga]:

The Defining characteristic of the SHAMROCK is that it has THREE Leaves. THREE. It is a symbol of the TRINITY. (The Catholics don't have a monopoly on that concept, I hasten to point out. Triads loom large in the celtic brain. See my drabbles if you need confirmation *G*)

A Shamrock does NOT have four leaves, and isn't about luck.

The phrase "the luck of the Irish" may have confused you. You can wear a lucky clover if you wish. But it isn't a shamrock.

Most especially - Please don't tell me it doesn't matter/it's the same thing. It is the symbol of my people, and it has THREE leaves. People died for the right to wear it.

You would not, for instance, stick an oak leaf (powerful and lovely an image as it is) on the Canadian flag -- because That's Not Where It Goes.

Thanks for listening.
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Happy Birthday Aragorn
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Happy Samhain to all

And happy anniversary to my sweetie. We are legally married 26 years today (though we will celebrate 34 years together in December)

He is preparing for me something that I think of as a trick and a treat --

For years he has recycled / re-purposed computers that were replaced from his workplace into usable upgrades for friends and/or their kids. Currently he is setting up a laptop that will be for the single purpose of allowing me to play Sims 2.

So the TREAT is, I finally get my sims back! Maxis has never loved the Mac, and I was left in the dust by all the episodes and items that never were ported. And all the things IN the ports that were never really crash proof. When SIms 3 came out and people changed over, he bought me a full set of Sims 2 for the PC on the cheap. I am more excited than I care to admit that I will soon have my Boromir sim making everyone grilled cheese for breakfast again. That boy loves his grilled cheese.

The TRICK is - this will be the very first time I ever used anything Windows. How many non luddite / tech fiends do you know who can say That in this era! I have been on the Mac nearly as long as there were Macs to have. (The first one we owned was the fatmac 512, in 1985) I have never used a PC, or touched anything windows related. I am having a moment of "grandma looks at that newfangled technology" type panic.

I feel like I should hold my hands over the eyes of Totoro, my beautiful Macbook, so he won't be jealous...

This is also my 8th anniversary at Live Journal. I had no idea how much it would come to mean to me, even if I am here less these days.
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Happy birthday [ profile] avon7 (Hope I'm not too late...)


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