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We discovered in the article 15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in February that today is Ice Cream for breakfast day.

We needed a new holiday, and that sounded like a good one to me, so

I woke up to find that Jim [profile] notarysojac had gone out for ice cream before I woke up. Here's our version - flax waffles, sugar free ice cream (with DaVinci sugar free caramel syrup) and iced coffee. Mmmmm.

A good holiday, and a terrific husband.
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I'm not much for resolutions but I've decided to take on as my ongoing goal for 2012

today, I shall be happier than a bird with a frenchfry
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Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays
Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why?

Lucia Day; Yule; Solstice; Sol Invictus; cold moon; Christmas eve; Christmas; Hogswatch, The Feast of Frith, New Years Eve; Hogmanay and Mummers Day (technically January) formally.

Sometimes others as needed. Sometimes I need them a lot.
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Robin Wood's birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving. Some years ago, she decided it was unfair that there were always vegetable trays, but not trays of things people really wanted on a feast day.

So, we invented the Twinkie Tray - yes, in addition to the vegetables, we sliced up all kinds of bad things and served them with dips made from cream cheese and chocolate.

There was never a shortage of desert here on Thanksgiving - for one thing, we all loved to bake. But we had previously waited to the end of the day like civilized folk. The twinkie trays went out with the appetizers.

Sugar shock set in early that year!
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Happy Harvest Festival to my online family

And happy birthday to my flock of robins -- Robin Williamson and Robin Wood
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Not this years, but my favorite-- the eye of Sauron in the aluminum foil eyecup of Barad dur

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Happy Yuri's Night!

Do you remember where you were 50 years ago?

The space ship 'Gagarin" has docked with the ISS!
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A late happy birthday to John Noble - still not playing the best dad ever, but now you have completely captivated me
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happy birthday, [ profile] elladans_witch; and viggo...


Aug. 16th, 2005 02:23 am
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things that happened on my birthday -

Beatles at Shea Stadium


[ profile] kortirion sends awesome package from england and makes me cry (more when I am awake enough to share pics) thousands of hugs, my sister. I wore it to dinner tonight, and petted it many times.

LJ upgraded paid userpics accounts to 100.


to celebrate, I'll be posting a gazillion icons over the next week or so.

Missed you all today, but Chris and Jim took me to my favorite Italian restaurant last night, and took me to crackerbarrel tonight. And, I have pecan pancakes carried out for breakfast. I think I have had a years worth of diet cheats in the last week...

I've been in an anime and carb stupor for the last 24 hours, and I convinced Chris to stay over and movie marathon with me tomorrow, so I'll post a big list soon. (We are warming up tonight with a Firefly jam)

Also, hoping to post pics of what we did with super-posable Denethor.....

Thanks for all the greetings and wishes. My life is the best.


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