Jan. 7th, 2004 08:24 pm
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Great interview with John Noble on being Denethor...
and thanks to Seasalt who pointed me to it this morning after putting up with my meanderings last night.

In spite of what it sometimes looks like, I am a Denethor fan (if a grudging one). The fact that I take him over the coals as I examine how I feel about him seems only fair to me...

His free-fall descent into madness is the engine that powers a large part of my writing, even when he is nowhere to be seen on the surface.

And I am coming to understand John Noble's Denethor little by little. I made the image I posted last night because wondered if, after all, he had understood that Faramir *was* the fire of his flesh, and he had had the misfortune to miss it -- (well, I really want to babble about this, but it is built in to the bloody palantir story, so close to done, and I sense myself about to give it all away, as I so often do, so I will stop there for now.)

I like what I am able to work with in PJ's Faramir and in Noble's Denethor -- But my heart is screaming the way it was the night I wrote Breathe because baby Faramir was getting dunked in Anduin too hard for my heart --

it's this:

... and silly bloody Faramir wants to go off and write poetry or something...

I want it on the record *NOW* that when silly, bloody Faramir goes off to hide in poetry and philosophy, he does so in much the same manner as Marcus Aurelius did. It does not interfere in the least with what makes him a good soldier, or a good makes him a stronger, more well rounded man and a thoughtfull leader
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You should be dating a Leo.
23 July - 22 August
This mate is honest and loyal, with a sunny
disposition. Though this lion has the tendency
to be arrogant, sulky or smug, he/she is
unrestrained in bed.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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Am tres amused, as both Jim and I *are* leos
I think Boromir must be a Leo, as well - he has both the disposition and the look. I have always thought of The Raven (I mean Faramir) as a Sagittarius. Dad, of course, just screams Aries to me. This rounds out the Gondorian Fire Sign Theater....

from nynaeve_xox
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from Ashinae

1. When did you first become a LOTR fan?:
Chapter 10: "What his right name is I've never heard: but he's known round here as Strider."
I believe it was was June of 1963

2. Have you read the books?:
only enough to memorize them

3. Seen the movies?:
only enough to memorize them

4. What is it that you love about LOTR?:
The sense of history, mythology and reality. The characters are real to me. I am an avid - nay, a compulsive reader - but out of all the books I have read, even those I read again and again, this book teaches me something new every single time I read it. Amazing!

5. How many times did you see each of the movies:
In the theatres? FotR: just under three dozen; TT: about a dozen - we had to drive much farther to find a theater still showing it, and it had a much shorter run RotK: four so far.

6. Times you've read the books:
approx every 18 months since 1963

7. Just how obsessed are you with LOTR?:
Just how important is having a soul?

8. Can you speak elvish?
A little. Pigeon-elvish. But, I have had dreams where elvish was spoken, and been able to look it up when I woke.

9. Did you dress up for any of the movie premieres:

10. Most memorable moment as a fan:
When they attached the TT trailer to FOTR - one second I am being *clobbered* by Theoden reciting the Song of Eorl; then suddenly, Faramir turns his head in the woods. Faramir. In the woods. Faramir. No, really... Faramir. I've only waited fourty years to see him. I spoke aloud. In the theater. I *hate* people who do that. I gasped. "Faramir!" I turned to Chris, tears running down my face. "Faramir's Mouth!" I think I may have bitten her then, to shut myself up.

first heart touching moment for me was -- When the firelight shone in Strider's eyes in Bree

11. Favorite of the books:
It's one book!
OK - Book 2: The Ring Goes South

12. Favorite of the movies:
It's one movie, as well!! And it's much too soon to know if Faramir on the Pyre will eclipse the mythic pain of Parth Galen.

13. Favorite overall character:
In case you missed it - Faramir!

14. Character you find most attractive:
Dunedain. (Blood of Numenor - Faramir-Boromir-Aragorn) But Faramir First!

15. Favorite couple:
Tuor and Idril (there are no canon couples worth the name in LoTR)

16. Favorite hobbit:

17. Favorite elf:
(I like Elrond, and I ache for Celeborn at the end)

18. Favorite man:
Faramir. Tuor. Dunedain.

19. Favorite dwarf:

20. Favorite wizard:
Radagast the Brown

21. Favorite orc:

22. Favorite villian:

23. Favorite horse:

24. Favorite scene from the books:
Meeting Eomer. Henneth Annun. Council of Elrond. Parth Galen. Pyre of Denethor.
Go Away, it's one book.

25. Favorite scene from the movies:
The Departure of Boromir. The Song of Eorl. Faramir says - "Then it is Forfeit."

26. Coolest creature:
Huan. Book Gwaihir. Thorondor. The fox.

27. Scariest creature:

28. Cutest creature:
ahh, I'll say Pippin. Faramir deserves more dignity than this.

29. Favorite quote:
"I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend: the city of the Men of Númenor; and I would have her loved for her memory, her ancientry, her beauty, and her present wisdom."

30. Where would you want to live in Middle Earth?:
Emyn Arnen. The Mouth of Sirion.

31. What kind of creature would you be?
I'd like to try elven....

32. What's your weapon of choice?:

33. Are you good/evil/somewhere in between?:
I prefer real...

alan bates

Dec. 29th, 2003 01:58 am
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I just heard that Alan Bates died last night. How much he gave me - from the madness of King of Hearts, to the glory of Oliver's Travels, which turned me on to Alan Plater - a gift in itself.

(Wouldn't he have made an amazing Denethor?)

Joy and Light, and the heart's swift returning...
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Totally unrelatedto the musings - I am also doing a *smidge* of writing in the Theatrical Muse, but I don't think I am ready to say who. If you are not reading them and want to look for me, drop me a note, neh?

You guys may just want to skip over the free association that is beginning in my brain. Some of it, like this, and last nights Faramir thought, come from the fact that people on my lines are complaining about interpretation without acknowledging that what they are objecting to is that someone else's doesn't match theirs. Now we are starting to get people complaining because fanon is being violated.

Well, when it comes to bizarre interpretations I have some doozys of my own. Most notable I guess is my feeling that Denethor does not love one son better than the other. He does not understand the first thing about love. He uses his approval to manipulate both boys. (I of course think that his rage with Faramir comes from the fact that Faramir does not fall for it). There has been a lot of talk about Gandalf and Denethor on my lines today, and I feel like putting my two cents in -- You may have this for book and movie both -

I get completely frustrated with Gandalf when he stops Faramir while Faramir is doing his utmost to keep his heart in control to tell him the *lie* that his father loves him and will remember before the end.

I know my interpretation of Denethor is *way* to the left of center, but speaking only in canon, whether you believe Denethor is a man who fell to madness, or one who was never kind - the truth is that the Denethor that exists *at that point* is mad as an eel. He will *not* remember that he loves Faramir. He will not remember love. He will throw Faramir on his pyre as grave-goods.

Movie!Denethor brought home an old belief of mine that as he held the shattered horn in his hands he did not grieve for Boromir because he loved him, but because of the completely unthinkable fact that -- Boromir Had Failed Him!
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Jim and I went tonight, alone - date night for two people who have been together twenty six years since their eyes met over a picture of Smaug....

I am limp and teary, and going to babble a little and then probably collapse. Some of this will be most meaningful to those of you who have plowed through my stories (G) and some only to those who know North. Sorry. Need to babble.

I am much more emotionally wrung out tonight. I think it is a combination of Intensity (three showings in three days) No sleep to speak of, and the anticipation of knowing when things are coming.

I am finally through the *overwhelmed* stage and beginning to notice small bits that make the personal myth magic happen for me. I wished for my notebook tonight, but I could not have used it if I had it. Soon there will be growth in some of my arcs, new understanding and the glow that comes into my soul when the myth is recognized and internalized. Mine.

If I could have stopped the film like a dvd, I would have written a terzanelle for the funeral march. It happened when I realized one of the soldiers takes a small bunch of white flowers in his hand from a woman in the crowd..... It's March in Minas Trirth, and Gondor has a plant called Snow-thorn - it is named for Aiglos, the spear of Gil-Galad....

Tonight I sobbed and sobbed through the credits. It was like I was hearing the words to the song for the first time, and well, see above. Some of you know a little about the stories I don't show outside. It was "safe in my arms, you're only sleeping..." I'm crying again; really must need to sleep.

I was clobbered tonight by the Rohirrim being led out under the dark green banner of the running horse - the one that we saw tear free and land in the grass during the first approach to Edoras.

Aragorn has two lines that clobber me particularly hard -

When he tells Elrond -"The Blade that was Broken will go to Minas Tirith."

And when he talks to the king of the dead - That Blade was broken... Aragorn, incandescent, replies "It was remade."

You might as well turn on the sprinklers in the theater when Theoden says "I know your face." And when Sam says "I can carry you."

If Gandalf had said only "The grey curtain of rain parts..." he would have given me my money's worth.

I can not possibly love Faramir's brave heart enough. Must try harder.


Not too much of this yet, though I have more. Please understand they do not spoil my movie!verse experience - still:

One of those things you wish you hadn't done, because once done, you can't stop - when Frodo is lying bound in the tower, I cannot look away from what appears to be the waistband of his hobbit underwear. Like Chris and the truck with bollocks, my eye refuses to be sidetracked.

I am not one bit sanguine about the way Gandalf pushes people around with his stick. Especially Denethor in front of the Guards. But also Pippin.

I like my vengeful!Denethor better than crazy!Denethor - North can hate him with a burning righteous wrath. I don't know how to feel about John Noble's Denethor yet. He is pitiful but not pitiable. I wonder what was cut- we never saw his beautiful gear from the Weapons book.

I cringe when Gandalf tells Pip that Sauron has not revealed his great weapon yet, and begins the next sentence with - you met him on Weathertop. It is becoming Movie 3's version of my crazy-making "you have only one choice" from movie 1, always used when they had no choice at all.

I find that I am suddenly nervous about what Faramir footage we will get in the extended. As much as I want every single shot, I would be crushed if they, for instance, let her nurse him back to health... this is just free floating anxiety, right? Please?

Cause I know they said Peter had worked out a way to make it seem less - I think the word David used was "pathetic."

And today on Henneth Annun, Someone said they missed the Houses because Faramir needs Eowyn to show him he can be loved.

I *cannot* understand where this idea comes from. Denethor is the only person that *doesn't* love book!verse Faramir. The entire city adores him, and throng the streets crying his name. His need to be acknowledged by his father has never meant to me that he doesn't think he is loved, or worth loving! I don' t find him insecure with others - *I* don't like him ending up with pony-girl, but he does not court Eowyn like a man who expects to be rejected...

Well, if you read my stuff, you know Faramir's strength is the reason why I write. I just don't get it.


Most surreal memory I will cherish from Trilogy Tuesday - because we were expecting to be 24 hours away from home and up to 16 hours in the theater, we packed real food. In my case, it was protein bars. But I completely dissolved in my chair when Chris pulled out a ziplock bag,leaned over to me and asked cheerily: "Want a porkchop?" (I felt like I was in Bored of the Rings.)
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(possible spoiler alert)

I belong to a small group of lunatics who got together, one friend at a time, to from a list which answers a silly question every week. I first got involved through Lee, when he sent me the answers the first time this theme appeared. As with all such things, this list varies in quality, humor and involvement need to get all the in-jokes, but Lee's pic at the bottom prompted me to share.


Read more... )
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For all of us who wondered where the Moriquendi had gotten to, and how they were supporting themselves in Middle-earth....

Wellington )


Nov. 24th, 2003 08:27 pm
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I am now officially tired of getting cranky emails telling me that Frodo is the hero after all. Bull.

This book has always been about the fact that there are some things that can only be done if everyone is willing to do their part. Fellowship.

If I were going to say there was a hero, it would, without a doubt be Sam. But I'm not going to say that. So, just stop emailing me now, whoever you are. I assume you are the same person who decided to harass me at HASA?

Gah. I want nothing more from this night than a few good words on the page, Faramir, and lowcarb peanutbutter sandwiches. And to stop feeling so lousy.
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As most of you who spend time in the mail with me know, I have no problem with movie!Faramir - in fact, I am quite besotted with him, though he will never be book!Faramir for me. That's only partly to do with movie plot, it has much more to do with nearly fourty years of the image in my own head.

But, while I don't struggle with the movie interpretation of Faramir, I am getting more and more annoyed listening to the commentary from Peter, Fran and Phillipa. You made a choice, don't get all defensive about it now!

And good grief, the visuals and dialog in the movie allow me to give Faramir, in my own interpretation, in my own head - the strength I know he has, and that I *need* his mythic avatar to have. So just stop explaining, because the more you do, the more pissed off I am getting.

I am *crazed* at Peter talking about Faramir's ring temptation, which visually I never see -- and I would like to keep it that way, thanks! I watched the scene with the sword tip and the ring. I never hear the ring call Faramir by name. What I see is Frodo getting crazed

Fileg puts fingers in ears and concentrates on the sound of Faramir's voice saying "I am wise enough to know that there are some perils from which a man must flee."

I have been trying since last December to say this coherently, but here is part of a note Azalais wrote to the Henneth Annun mailing list:

given that in the EE they'd set us up with Denethor's assumption that Faramir is too weak to handle the Ring, it would have been fantastic to show F as too *strong* to contemplate taking it. Huge opportunity lost :(

That's it -- that's what I have been trying to say. Not all temptation is about giving in. Thank you, Azalais!

I just came in from watching the director's commentary, and at the end, Fran or Phillipa talks about Sam's speech - how there is still some good in this world, and goes on to say there are some things that are just inviolable, above the dark. Yes, there are - and Faramir is my avatar for that. How can you say this and not get it?

And while I am having a moment of personal melt down - Boromir in the boat is Not a dream.
ok, I think I feel better now.


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