Mar. 24th, 2012 06:48 pm
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I wrote this for the prompt "Blade" at [profile] tolkien_weekly, but you will not find it there, because in spite of being cut back twice, I could not get it to 100 words - it stands firm here at 200, which was the best I could do. And it doesn't trespass canon, but it is quite visibly fileg-verse.

Well, at least I'm in time for Victory over Sauron day tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are....)

Blade )
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I have 2 things I've been working on, both missing their dates now. One for Boromir which I wanted for the terrible day in February; and one for today, when Faramir is carried off the field, back to Minas Tirith and the father who does not deserve him. (But Gondor, Faramir assures me, does deserve a champion, so I try to share him...)

Maybe writing this much down will prod me to work tomorrow. But I cannot let the day pass.

I also read the drabble prompts last night, as I would like to catch up. Blade, eh? I think I may have already emptied my soul for that word, but we'll see.....
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Happy Birthday Aragorn
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I was looking for some pictures in my file and encountered this picture of my Tolkien buttons. I though I had posted them years ago, but I couldn't find anything with a matching date.

I bought them in one of those little triangle shaped newspaper stores we used to have. I think it was 1965, but may have been a little later.
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Characters: Bilbo, Thorin
Book/Source: Hobbit
for the challenge "buy" at tolkien_weekly

Everything belongs to the professor and his estate.
I am always grateful for the words it brings to me.

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In honor of National Science Fiction Day / Asimov's Birthday there is a limerick contest happening on Michael Swanwick's blog.

I grew up living on spaceships made of words (when I was traveling away from Arda, that is.) My mother used to worry that the weight of my bookshelves would have me waking up in the basement some cold morning.

I wanted SO MUCH to have the kind of access people in the stories had - information at your fingertips, books that could travel with you in bulk, friends all over the universe...

Now, I am sitting in a recliner with my laptop programing the kindle Jim got me for Yul, sharing the process with friends at all planetary points. It's my past that seems unreal to me now. Here's my limerick:

SF fans know the real race for space
was to keep all your books in their place.
Now, when bookshelf space dwindles
we fill up our kindles -
(I still keep my books - just in case)
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Former Olympic fencer Bob Anderson passed away in England on New Year's Day. Bob Anderson was a behind-the-scenes name who had a tremendous impact not only on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but on cinema itself.

The story of Anderson’s career and background was captured in the documentary, “Reclaiming the Blade.” According to director Daniel McNicoll, Anderson once told him, “You know I don’t feel like I found the sword, I feel like the sword found me.”

torn // imdb
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I encountered this on the web, marked Snow Covered Lake, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. My google-fu failed to find a citation.

But oh, it gave me a moment, and I knew a few of you needed to share...

edited: this seems to be the source
Bath, Trees and Snowy Rowboat // Norway // arisalmela
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Title: Ill Met By Moonlight
Characters: I think it might be telling....
Source: Silmarillion

for the challenge Moonlight at [ profile] tolkien_weekly

Everything belongs to the professor and his estate.
I am grateful for the chance to be there.

Ill Met by Moonlight )


Nov. 1st, 2011 12:12 am
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Weta Workshop
If you can't tell Matamata from Waitarere or Kaitoke from Whakapapa, but know all there is to know about Hobbiton, Osgiliath, Rivendell and Mordor - the New Zealand Map of Middle-earth is for you. Beautifully designed by Daniel Falconer, it pin-points the beautiful locations from The Lord of the Rings.

AND makes a spiffing present

New Zealand Map of Middle-earth


Oct. 31st, 2011 11:58 pm
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I wrote this ages ago and never really showed it. It had some beta, but strangely, the people who looked at it were completely at odds over what wasn't working for them, so I never made a decision about reworking it.

I have been trying to corral my work lately (since I moved to my new powerbook) and found it in the files - and found that I rather like it as it is (probably because it's such a personal story) So, I decided to let it fly a little -

It is for my *invisible* OC North, (who I try to show only by her absence in my gen fic, but who a few of you know ) and so it does take place in Arda - there is some geography/history and the idea of the unhoused spirits that refused to go west - but it might read better if you don't think of that being true. I don't know. I like its tone, and this is the time of year to try it----

Field of Flags )
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Fannish Friday 5
Five favorite ships -
sailing ships, spaceships, etc., not relationships

There's something in a flying horse,
There's something in a huge balloon;
But through the clouds I'll never float
Until I have a little Boat,
Shaped like the crescent-moon.

(prologue to Peter Bell, Wordsworth)

ships are so my thing. They always have been.
So this list may change or grow all weekend....

1. Serenity
... a Ship Like This, Be With You ‘Til The Day You Die...

2. Endeavour
Yes, Captain Cook's ship - extra special to me because it's the inspiration for Inspector Morse's given name. And, she got to be a shuttle too

3. Argo
because the first story I ever wrote down (age 4) was Jason and the Argonauts go to the pet store

4. I've been in love with all the Trek ships at one time or another, but I'm partial to The Grissom.

5. Vingelot
because the silmaril represents both the morning star and the evening star, and in my personal interpretation, Eomer is Aragorn's morning star (appearing out of the grasslands at dawn) and Faramir is his evening star (standing in the window of the west at sunset.)

6. vostok 6


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